When did this happen?

When did this happen…

When was it that the cackling stopped

When did we forget to laugh daily

When did it exactly happen…

That the whole day would pass

Without a hint of smile on our face

When did we stop being happy…

And got so busy with the dailies

That we would hardly think of a good laugh

When did we grow up…

And become adults trapped in monotony

When did we learn to whine regularly

When was it….

When we used to be happy kids

And now, a worn out adult stares back in the mirror

Wanderer to Beauty

You never fail to surprise me

Everytime, you reveal yourself in myriad hues

Your charm is endless

And your beauty knows no boundaries

I come to you a hundred times

My thoughts wander around you a thousand times

Yet I am never bored of you

And you always have something new

I am an aimless wanderer

And you are a Queen on your throne

I am full of chaos and noise

And you are my ultimate peace!

Time to change

point of view

It’s time to change the point of view

It’s time to see the world as new

It’s time to meet a different you

It’s time to unlearn whatever we knew


It’s time to change our taste of things

It’s time to try some different swings

It’s time to stop procrastination

It’s time to move to a different station


It’s time to explore a different world

It’s time to unhear whatever we heard

It’s time to take a few new lessons

It’s time to make the due confessions


It’s time to be a baby again

It’s time to wash away what’s vain

It’s time to look at what was ignored

It’s time to move to a different shore


It’s time to drop the cherished things

It’s time to hug some novel blings

It’s time to move on without rue

It’s time to change the point of view…

Life on time bomb

We are sitting on a ticking time bomb

Everyone is rushing

Everything must be completed

Before one reaches a certain age.

One can’t be a kid after twenty

One can’t be a youngster after forty

One can’t work after seventy

And one can’t live after eighty.

You got to do what everyone is doing

Or this society would not accept you

A life is spent living like everyone else

How many ounce of yourself is left?

I would rather be…


I don’t want to be just a friend
I would rather be your closest confide
I don’t want to be just a chapter
I would rather be a book

I don’t like to be in a sweet memory
I would rather create awesome experiences
I won’t just happen to be in your life
I would rather be someone awaited

I hate being just a habit
I would rather be a cherished addiction
I would never be a sober mate
I would rather be highly drunkard one

I don’t wish to give a serious time
I would rather give the wildest trip ever
I dislike being your routine
I would rather make every day special

I don’t want be just your beloved
I would rather be your life’s best phase
I would never be just a lover
I would rather be the craziest one

I don’t want to be just a passer-by
When I can be a part of your story
I don’t want to be a someone
I would rather be someone special



Too close to be parted

Or too close to break with a snap

A snap that hit back harder

A snap that left bruises on heart forever


Few words that froze in the mouth

Few tears that never left the eye

A smell for which the nose kept yearning

An emotion that was choked


A wall that never melted again

A determination that ended relation

Few kisses remained due on the lips

Few moments that remained promised


Closeness is not under the same roof

Closeness is always in the heart

Closeness that suffocated everything else

An undesirable closeness to break us apart


Many words are unuttered

Many feelings are unexpressed

Many moods have been ignored

Many things are just silent


Many sleepless nights have passed

Many thoughts have been subdued

Many dreams have been compromised

Many tear drops have escaped the eyes


A space is outside & a space is inside

With muted sobs, the heart cries

Is this your fate, my dear life?

Maturity dawns & many good things die.

Lost Something

Changing priorities, fast running lives

Small responsibilities, lost something

It was too great while we waited

For the weekends to come, to be together

There was something to look forward to

An excitement to behold.

Why are we under the same roof

And yet so many miles apart

We talk lesser than we used to

We are lost in different worlds,

I wish I could go back to those days

And rejuvenate our friendship again.

What if you haven’t told me a few personal things

And I have always had the complain

But at least I would have those talking hours

And that something would have not lost ever

While none of us is at fault

It’s just that the world has changed…

Mountain Queen


I am a mesmerizing and awe-inspiring beauty

Draped in the clothes of clouds and fog

Sitting atop the vast and deep valleys

Watching hundreds of travellers and tourists coming to me

I am a proud beauty

Who never leave this high garden

Travellers may come and travellers may go

But I go on forever and ever


When travellers come, they flirt with me

And I enjoy this frolicking and ogling

They try to get high on my beauty

And I let them be,

I enjoy their presence here

The way they look at me with their jaw dropped

The way their heart skips numerous beats

Once,they look at my form

I know that the twinkle in their eyes

And the happiness in their heart

Is because of me and only me

Some of them even cry happily

And I touch their soft tears

With my nimble fingers

Sometimes, I also welcome their tears

With a soft pouring drizzle

I reveal my beauty to them

I reveal it in all the colours

At times covered in golden hue

At other times, draped in running clouds

I welcome them with open arms

I let them slip through me

And kiss me wherever they like

Feel me, and my beauty with lulled senses

They cannot see the valley beneath

Nor they can see in front or beside

Yet when my cloudy touch foreplays with them

They are aroused deep

When my scent undulates around their noses

They indeed get high on me

They are tied and they are cold

They are lost to their very soul

Such is my great charm

That gives them eternal pleasure

A memory that they will always cherish

Wherever they go and whomever they meet

No matter, how old or young

The travellers would be

How many beauties they may have bedded

The drink that will touch their lips from my goblet

Would be the best drug they had ever had

Some of them will come back to me

To relive these moments again and again

And every time they will come

I will welcome them in the same way

They will come and they will go

I and beauty will go on forever

Years and ages will pass

And yet the travellers

Who would walk through my curves & edges

Would still get happy high on me


When tourists come to me

They seldom have time to flirt and spend time

They just rush to my length

Try to cover all of me

As if I am a whore for whom

They have paid lavishly

They do cover all of me

But they never get the taste of my beauty

They get bored in a while

And they never come back to be soothed

They try other places and then another

But they never find peace and that drug

That will give them the eternal bliss,

I pity them and I don’t care much for the lot

They will keep hunting like mad hunters

And none can help their soul…


I am the beautiful mountain queen

Who welcomes everyone who comes to me

I create beautiful memories for them

And I go on creating more of it

Nah, I don’t have time to cherish any of it

Yet the travellers cherish all of it

And tourists cherish none of it…


A friend

Arrogant, angry young man

This was his sham!!

He stormed into the things

As if he was Mr. Perfectionist!
The feeling was mutual

We did not like each other

He was annoying

And I was snobbish
Then, there came a time

When we broke the ice

And then, we realised

Our opinions were not wise
Behind that sham, there was

A soft hearted man

Who was just keen and curious

And there was nothing else!!
A friendship began like this

And it was good to go

He is a very good man

And I hope, I am not that bad too!!