In the dark of night
An innocent is terrorised
The culprit walks freely
& the victim is penalised

We don’t raise our heads
We are afraid to do that
The culprit struts away
With his nose in the air

We berate the infelicitous
The victim sheds innumerable tears
The culprit’s laughter echoes
Inside the victim’s head

In our heart, we blame
The culprit and all his deeds
In our head, we accept
His running tyranny as unchangeable fact

In our heart, we feel
Sympathy & condolence for victim
In our head, we live
In the eternal awe of culprit

We are too meek to fight
& we call it sensibility
We live a life in terror
& the world calls it indifference

I know with certainty, it is
Neither sensibility nor indifference
It is the lack of courage
The triumph of our fears

We, fearful beings are in majority
They, heinous culprits are in minority
Who says majority rules?
It is a false myth, debunk it.

Just like this, we suffer
Not because of the power of culprits
But because of our silence on it
Because of our own fears…

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