Time to change

point of view

It’s time to change the point of view

It’s time to see the world as new

It’s time to meet a different you

It’s time to unlearn whatever we knew


It’s time to change our taste of things

It’s time to try some different swings

It’s time to stop procrastination

It’s time to move to a different station


It’s time to explore a different world

It’s time to unhear whatever we heard

It’s time to take a few new lessons

It’s time to make the due confessions


It’s time to be a baby again

It’s time to wash away what’s vain

It’s time to look at what was ignored

It’s time to move to a different shore


It’s time to drop the cherished things

It’s time to hug some novel blings

It’s time to move on without rue

It’s time to change the point of view…


Life on time bomb

We are sitting on a ticking time bomb

Everyone is rushing

Everything must be completed

Before one reaches a certain age.

One can’t be a kid after twenty

One can’t be a youngster after forty

One can’t work after seventy

And one can’t live after eighty.

You got to do what everyone is doing

Or this society would not accept you

A life is spent living like everyone else

How many ounce of yourself is left?

I would rather be…


I don’t want to be just a friend
I would rather be your closest confide
I don’t want to be just a chapter
I would rather be a book

I don’t like to be in a sweet memory
I would rather create awesome experiences
I won’t just happen to be in your life
I would rather be someone awaited

I hate being just a habit
I would rather be a cherished addiction
I would never be a sober mate
I would rather be highly drunkard one

I don’t wish to give a serious time
I would rather give the wildest trip ever
I dislike being your routine
I would rather make every day special

I don’t want be just your beloved
I would rather be your life’s best phase
I would never be just a lover
I would rather be the craziest one

I don’t want to be just a passer-by
When I can be a part of your story
I don’t want to be a someone
I would rather be someone special


Many words are unuttered

Many feelings are unexpressed

Many moods have been ignored

Many things are just silent


Many sleepless nights have passed

Many thoughts have been subdued

Many dreams have been compromised

Many tear drops have escaped the eyes


A space is outside & a space is inside

With muted sobs, the heart cries

Is this your fate, my dear life?

Maturity dawns & many good things die.

A friend

Arrogant, angry young man

This was his sham!!

He stormed into the things

As if he was Mr. Perfectionist!
The feeling was mutual

We did not like each other

He was annoying

And I was snobbish
Then, there came a time

When we broke the ice

And then, we realised

Our opinions were not wise
Behind that sham, there was

A soft hearted man

Who was just keen and curious

And there was nothing else!!
A friendship began like this

And it was good to go

He is a very good man

And I hope, I am not that bad too!!

When you are Angry


When you lie on the other side of bed
With your back turned towards me
When you do not say a word nor look at me
My heart longs to hold your tender waist
And ask you to put your head on my shoulder
So that I can hug you tight and kiss you on cheek
So that I can smell your hair and feel your breaths
So that this can be yet another night together
But none of this would happen tonight
For your anger would not give way to my love.

When you lie still with your back turned towards me
I know that you are not sleeping either
But thinking of me with your eyes open
Weighing our good memories and bad memories
Wishing that I would not have made this mistake
Or you would not have found about it
You lie still but I know your eyes are wet
And you are equally longing for me
Wondering why this can’t be yet another night together
But your anger would not give way to your love

This is an extremely unfair and complicated world
Where happy moments fly away easily
And sadness lingers with us for a very long time
Where all the good deeds and merry memories
Are shadowed by one bad deed or mistake
Where trust takes years to develop and seconds to break
Where anger does not give way to love
And lovers of life suffer and separate

Amazing Creatures


In their peaceful world, under the sanguine sky
They beautifully stand still, bidding Adieu to the sinking sun
They have their heads bowed, in a manner of praying
In a manner of submission before the magnificence of nature
They are done with last minutes talks and it was time to sleep
To bring oneself in the harmony with nature
For it is important for them to harmonise with it
As they are the disciplinaries, who run the world
They have neither pride nor restrictions
They only have their own dedications
They never turn rebellious onto those who don’t follow
They are amazing creatures, they are the ancestral
They are the future, they are called trees!!!