A friend

Arrogant, angry young man

This was his sham!!

He stormed into the things

As if he was Mr. Perfectionist!
The feeling was mutual

We did not like each other

He was annoying

And I was snobbish
Then, there came a time

When we broke the ice

And then, we realised

Our opinions were not wise
Behind that sham, there was

A soft hearted man

Who was just keen and curious

And there was nothing else!!
A friendship began like this

And it was good to go

He is a very good man

And I hope, I am not that bad too!!



During those early hours when the sun is beneath the horizon and an orange hue is pervaded in the sky, the world is at peace. The noise of the ever waking world subsidized and the melody of the nature prevalent. There is no scurrying, hurrying and running. The world runs on geological clock rather than artificial clock. The effect so tender that it brings tears in the eyes and smile on the face. If there is ever a life, it is this, it is this, Experience this!



She had been running for so long that she has forgotten from where all this had started and when was it that she began running. It had become a part of her life and she does it without a word of complain. Husband, In-laws, Kids, Parents, all have set high expectations from her. She had been good at things and their expectations great. Despite this, she had rarely failed. One of those occasions when she did fail, they had snorted and complained. She could not fail not for herself but for them, she is required to do all the things that makes their life better. Love, Sex and Family had become her world and she seemed to have spent forever in tending to them. The best steward she had been and had never asked for anything.

As she gazed at her reflection in the mirror, all her thoughts good or bad ushered to her and came along with them the memories. However, the lump in her throat was more heavy than anything else at that moment. She had lost herself entirely in serving them and the reflection in the mirror was that of an old meat that had lost her charming features and grown like an uncontrollable beast. Tears welled up her eyes and she cried.

After all, she was a housewife.