When you are Angry


When you lie on the other side of bed
With your back turned towards me
When you do not say a word nor look at me
My heart longs to hold your tender waist
And ask you to put your head on my shoulder
So that I can hug you tight and kiss you on cheek
So that I can smell your hair and feel your breaths
So that this can be yet another night together
But none of this would happen tonight
For your anger would not give way to my love.

When you lie still with your back turned towards me
I know that you are not sleeping either
But thinking of me with your eyes open
Weighing our good memories and bad memories
Wishing that I would not have made this mistake
Or you would not have found about it
You lie still but I know your eyes are wet
And you are equally longing for me
Wondering why this can’t be yet another night together
But your anger would not give way to your love

This is an extremely unfair and complicated world
Where happy moments fly away easily
And sadness lingers with us for a very long time
Where all the good deeds and merry memories
Are shadowed by one bad deed or mistake
Where trust takes years to develop and seconds to break
Where anger does not give way to love
And lovers of life suffer and separate

Amazing Creatures


In their peaceful world, under the sanguine sky
They beautifully stand still, bidding Adieu to the sinking sun
They have their heads bowed, in a manner of praying
In a manner of submission before the magnificence of nature
They are done with last minutes talks and it was time to sleep
To bring oneself in the harmony with nature
For it is important for them to harmonise with it
As they are the disciplinaries, who run the world
They have neither pride nor restrictions
They only have their own dedications
They never turn rebellious onto those who don’t follow
They are amazing creatures, they are the ancestral
They are the future, they are called trees!!!

Trivial Things

Spending days, spending nights
Doing this, doing Thai
An illusion of controlling things
Things that are trivial, indeed

Planning for friend’s birthday
Handling a not so good boss
Making all the ends meet
The day is spent in all this

Things that are important to us only
Things that do not matter really
Things that are just things
Things on which we spent time

A routine had taken its place
Rooted itself firmly in our lives
While we boast about uniqueness
We are trapped in circle of routine

There is a great desire in heart
To achieve greatness in life
And here we are, trapped!
Amidst paradox of trivial things

Trivial things, unimportant things
Important for us, dear to us
Shackles of life and routine
This is how the life is spent

Fall in love again


Oh beloved!
Where have you been lost
For all these days
When I am yearning for you

Oh beloved!
You have gone to see the world
Have you seen enough of it
Or is there anything left

Oh beloved!
Come back to me
It’s time to fall in love
Again, ever and anon

Oh lover!
I had ventured to see the world
This double faced, harsh world
And now, I am tired

Oh lover!
It’s a very big world
Yet there is no solace anywhere
No peace at any corner

Oh lover!
Your arms are the safest place
The finest heaven
And your eyes are full of love

Oh lover!
I will come back to you
And fall in love again
Forever, ever and anon

You are special


You are special
And you will never believe it
Because you are a star in dust
A diamond buried under the earth

You are special
God’s favourite child
With hundreds of struggle
A major test of life

You are special
You know angels are not divine
They are humans like you
Spreading happiness to the world

You are special
So be happy and in a bliss
You never know if the life is waiting
To smile back at you

You are special
You just don’t know your worth
You are so important
To so many humans on this earth

You are special
I shout this aloud to the world
And I will keep reminding this to you
Until you begin to believe me

Awaited Revival

Only if I can revive you
Which I must
And yet I am waiting
Waiting for the right time
A time, that is never right
And will never be right, like this

Buried dreams
Ebbing responsibilities
Running life
Tight timelines
And yet I am waiting
Waiting for the right time

You remember the old days
When we were together
You and me,
Irrespective of the world
And now the world is important
When the dreams are diluting

We started in a beautiful land
Then, a plank fell
And we fell along
Hitting reality, hard hit by it
In every second of our endless fall
A fall into the abyss of reality

Yet I will revive
And that’s a promise
If right time won’t come
I will make the time right
You are the love of my life
And we will be together again, forever

Earth celebrates…

Earth celebrates another birthday
She celebrates a complete revolution
There are crackers in the sky
And enthusiasm in the beings

A happy new year
A prosperous one is everyone’s wish
A day that changes
The year in the date

There are smiles of love
In the muffled winter
There are hugs of affection
And warmth of blessings

The festivity is spread
The sweets are distributed
The toast are raised
The joy is everywhere

And when we celebrate New Year
In the dark lonely sky
Earth prepares for another revolution
Another journey for her darling sun

An Outsider


The days are dark
The weather is stormy
The clouds are weeping
I am not welcome here

An unwelcome guest, an intruder!
An outsider! A foreigner!
I look like them
Still I don’t belong here

They are one and I
Well, I am alone
They are great friends and
I am simply an adjustment

They can bear each other
They can’t bear me
Their world is the same
Mine has changed…



Whats your identity? I asked to a fallen leaf
Expected an answer against the rules of nature.
However to my great surprise it replied
I am just like you, a fallen leaf
I descended from the tree on a trip to Earth
I was carried away with the wind, unaware of my future
I visited the top of the mountains with great pleasure
And experienced the sand at the beach with humble leisure.
I swam over estuaries in search of bank
I flew high in the sky unaware of land.
I wandered the entire earth
Remained unsatisfied with what I acquired.
Ultimately, I reached my destination
To my end in the cave of death
I collapsed and ascended towards heaven
Leaving the faint signs of my presence.
My corpse was buried in the earth
And I returned what I owed from birth…


In the dark of night
An innocent is terrorised
The culprit walks freely
& the victim is penalised

We don’t raise our heads
We are afraid to do that
The culprit struts away
With his nose in the air

We berate the infelicitous
The victim sheds innumerable tears
The culprit’s laughter echoes
Inside the victim’s head

In our heart, we blame
The culprit and all his deeds
In our head, we accept
His running tyranny as unchangeable fact

In our heart, we feel
Sympathy & condolence for victim
In our head, we live
In the eternal awe of culprit

We are too meek to fight
& we call it sensibility
We live a life in terror
& the world calls it indifference

I know with certainty, it is
Neither sensibility nor indifference
It is the lack of courage
The triumph of our fears

We, fearful beings are in majority
They, heinous culprits are in minority
Who says majority rules?
It is a false myth, debunk it.

Just like this, we suffer
Not because of the power of culprits
But because of our silence on it
Because of our own fears…