Come, Oh Lover!


Set upon the door, my eyes!

Pricked for any sound, my ears!

Alert for any movement, my senses!

This is how your beloved is waiting

Waiting for you, every second,

Along with every beat & every breath

My figure is tired and demanding rest

My faith has not dwindled yet

You promised, you committed, you vowed

You’ll come, you’ll come, you’ll come

So, come now, come soon, Oh lover!

Come before your beloved die in your wait

They call me mad

They say that you’ll never come

They say that your beloved lives in false hope

Oh lover! Don’t prove them right

And come & knock at the most unexpected hour

This is no way to love and be loved

To keep me waiting day and night for my lover

Come, come and come very soon…



A family of five

A family of hand

One day I examined

While looking at my wrist band


The middle finger, the father

Seemed to introduce others

Tall and straight, looking after

The needs of his daughter and son


The index finger, the mother

Slightly bend towards her husband

Doing a great a job with extreme care

Devotional and loving, daughter’s best friend


The third finger, the daughter

Sweet, beautiful and charming

Cute princess of her father

Waiting for the ring from her prince charming


The smallest finger, the son

Still a child, naughty and wild

Living under the warm shadow of everyone

Nobody knows how father control this child


Lastly, I looked at the thumb

Isolated but still doing a great job for everyone
Seemed to be the worker, who drinks rum

And keeps on working for anyone to everyone


This is a small family of fingers

Signifying how prosper a small family is

Father, mother, son and daughter

So, fingers says, [control population] it’s our development bridge