Many words are unuttered

Many feelings are unexpressed

Many moods have been ignored

Many things are just silent


Many sleepless nights have passed

Many thoughts have been subdued

Many dreams have been compromised

Many tear drops have escaped the eyes


A space is outside & a space is inside

With muted sobs, the heart cries

Is this your fate, my dear life?

Maturity dawns & many good things die.

Awaited Revival

Only if I can revive you
Which I must
And yet I am waiting
Waiting for the right time
A time, that is never right
And will never be right, like this

Buried dreams
Ebbing responsibilities
Running life
Tight timelines
And yet I am waiting
Waiting for the right time

You remember the old days
When we were together
You and me,
Irrespective of the world
And now the world is important
When the dreams are diluting

We started in a beautiful land
Then, a plank fell
And we fell along
Hitting reality, hard hit by it
In every second of our endless fall
A fall into the abyss of reality

Yet I will revive
And that’s a promise
If right time won’t come
I will make the time right
You are the love of my life
And we will be together again, forever