Time to change

point of view

It’s time to change the point of view

It’s time to see the world as new

It’s time to meet a different you

It’s time to unlearn whatever we knew


It’s time to change our taste of things

It’s time to try some different swings

It’s time to stop procrastination

It’s time to move to a different station


It’s time to explore a different world

It’s time to unhear whatever we heard

It’s time to take a few new lessons

It’s time to make the due confessions


It’s time to be a baby again

It’s time to wash away what’s vain

It’s time to look at what was ignored

It’s time to move to a different shore


It’s time to drop the cherished things

It’s time to hug some novel blings

It’s time to move on without rue

It’s time to change the point of view…

Life on time bomb

We are sitting on a ticking time bomb

Everyone is rushing

Everything must be completed

Before one reaches a certain age.

One can’t be a kid after twenty

One can’t be a youngster after forty

One can’t work after seventy

And one can’t live after eighty.

You got to do what everyone is doing

Or this society would not accept you

A life is spent living like everyone else

How many ounce of yourself is left?


Many words are unuttered

Many feelings are unexpressed

Many moods have been ignored

Many things are just silent


Many sleepless nights have passed

Many thoughts have been subdued

Many dreams have been compromised

Many tear drops have escaped the eyes


A space is outside & a space is inside

With muted sobs, the heart cries

Is this your fate, my dear life?

Maturity dawns & many good things die.

Amazing Creatures


In their peaceful world, under the sanguine sky
They beautifully stand still, bidding Adieu to the sinking sun
They have their heads bowed, in a manner of praying
In a manner of submission before the magnificence of nature
They are done with last minutes talks and it was time to sleep
To bring oneself in the harmony with nature
For it is important for them to harmonise with it
As they are the disciplinaries, who run the world
They have neither pride nor restrictions
They only have their own dedications
They never turn rebellious onto those who don’t follow
They are amazing creatures, they are the ancestral
They are the future, they are called trees!!!



Whats your identity? I asked to a fallen leaf
Expected an answer against the rules of nature.
However to my great surprise it replied
I am just like you, a fallen leaf
I descended from the tree on a trip to Earth
I was carried away with the wind, unaware of my future
I visited the top of the mountains with great pleasure
And experienced the sand at the beach with humble leisure.
I swam over estuaries in search of bank
I flew high in the sky unaware of land.
I wandered the entire earth
Remained unsatisfied with what I acquired.
Ultimately, I reached my destination
To my end in the cave of death
I collapsed and ascended towards heaven
Leaving the faint signs of my presence.
My corpse was buried in the earth
And I returned what I owed from birth…

I hate you yet I love you

I hate you
You are bad
You have made my life
A lonely boat
In the endless sea of turmoil
Yet I love you

I hate you
You are a lover
You look at me in a way
I fall in love with myself
And I overlook my faults
Yet I love you

I hate you
You are too positive
You make me feel perfect
And I believe you
When I am neither perfect nor divine
Yet I love you

I hate you
You are a dreamer
You make me dream with you
I dream a sweet dream
And find it hard to wake up to reality
Yet I love you

I hate you
You are possessive
You fight with me
As if you own me
I feel miserable
Yet I love you

I hate you
You are mean
You stay and walk away
Of your own accord
And don’t bestow this freedom to me
Yet I love you

I hate you
You are the only one
Who can hurt me
You make me cry
And you don’t like my tears
Yet I love you

I hate you
For my love has gone bad
And I cannot love you more
Whatever you do
I accept
Because I love you

I hate you
You are the oxygen of my life
I need breaths
And beats to survive
I need you to live
That’s why I love you



She had been running for so long that she has forgotten from where all this had started and when was it that she began running. It had become a part of her life and she does it without a word of complain. Husband, In-laws, Kids, Parents, all have set high expectations from her. She had been good at things and their expectations great. Despite this, she had rarely failed. One of those occasions when she did fail, they had snorted and complained. She could not fail not for herself but for them, she is required to do all the things that makes their life better. Love, Sex and Family had become her world and she seemed to have spent forever in tending to them. The best steward she had been and had never asked for anything.

As she gazed at her reflection in the mirror, all her thoughts good or bad ushered to her and came along with them the memories. However, the lump in her throat was more heavy than anything else at that moment. She had lost herself entirely in serving them and the reflection in the mirror was that of an old meat that had lost her charming features and grown like an uncontrollable beast. Tears welled up her eyes and she cried.

After all, she was a housewife.



I am a naughty girl, I am a river

I am a passionate person I am life

Being born from the womb of glacier

Cranky and frenzy, I set my aim

I gaze straight at my destination

The vast roaring endless ocean

My voice shudders the adamant peaks

My fire burns the walls of mountains

I run here and there making my own way

I jump wildly from the height at the plains

Slowing my pace, I nurture vestiges and fertile plains

I continue running and running and walking

With my eyes on the ocean and fire in my heart

I meet other rivers, fierce like me

Accompanies me in my isolated way to sea

I spread the seeds of life here and there

I hold the attraction of religions everywhere

I am sacred, I am pure and I am just a river

Ultimately I weaken my steps when

I see clearly my life’s aim

I quietly meet my destination, the ocean

And joins it losing the identity of my own

Turned wild in it with joy, made a roar and enjoy

I am now in an ocean, I was just a river

Now I am the part of the ocean and the end of life

[But I did not dissolved unnoticed

I left my marks on stones and mountains

For the world to remember me
and keep me alive forever