Life on time bomb

We are sitting on a ticking time bomb

Everyone is rushing

Everything must be completed

Before one reaches a certain age.

One can’t be a kid after twenty

One can’t be a youngster after forty

One can’t work after seventy

And one can’t live after eighty.

You got to do what everyone is doing

Or this society would not accept you

A life is spent living like everyone else

How many ounce of yourself is left?

You are special


You are special
And you will never believe it
Because you are a star in dust
A diamond buried under the earth

You are special
God’s favourite child
With hundreds of struggle
A major test of life

You are special
You know angels are not divine
They are humans like you
Spreading happiness to the world

You are special
So be happy and in a bliss
You never know if the life is waiting
To smile back at you

You are special
You just don’t know your worth
You are so important
To so many humans on this earth

You are special
I shout this aloud to the world
And I will keep reminding this to you
Until you begin to believe me